What is Leaving Big?

Leaving Big is a story about change. We see every day how most of the people around us are not giving a fuck about the planet they live on. We don't want to be like that. We don't want to support the cruelty thats happening in factory farming, we don't want to contribute to global warming, deforestation and polluting oceans. We don't want to be responsible for the mass extinction thats happening right before our eyes. In fact we want to fight all those things any way we can and this blog is one way we're doing that. We are very far from a zero impact lifestyle, but by documenting our effort to achieve it we hope to encourage others to follow.

Who are you?

We are inseparable trio - two humans and a ferret. We love good food, outdoors and adventures.

What will i find here?

We are always taking up new challenges, projects and adventures. Some of them might be interesting enough to end up somewhere on this page. For now we have separated everything in three sections. Recipes is pretty self-explanatory - we will share delicious vegan recipes that we love. Tiny House section is about our struggle to build our dream house. We will try to get into as much detail as possible regarding the research and design process as well as the build. We hope someone somewhere will find this information useful or at least interesting.The last section will include stories from our outdoor adventures as well as other activities.

Why are you vegan?

We had been vegetarians for 6 years, but in 2014 we learned about the cruelty that goes on in dairy farms and became vegan. Since then we have learned that going vegan not only saves animals, but also greatly reduces your impact on the environment and is far more healthier than eating a regular diet.