Is Two Better Than One?Fighting The Weight Limit

Written by Toms

It's been a long time since we posted anything here. Our tiny house project has been moving forward very slowly and one of the reasons for that is the weight limit. Here in EU the weight limit is 3.5 tons and although we could technically go over it that would make things a lot more expensive and complicated. We would need a more heavy duty trailer, a different drivers licence category, a larger tow vehicle etc. That would also limit our mobility and whats the point of building a tiny house if you can't move it quickly and easily?

We were for a little while considering splitting the house in two. This way we could have a larger living space, but we shouldn't have to worry as much about the weight limit. The idea was to make two smaller units, each on its own trailer, that could connect by a glass corridor. Although initially the idea seemed great we quickly realised that this will not work for us for the same reasons we don't want to go over 3.5 tons. It would be more expensive to build and more complicated to move. Nevertheless it's a nice concept and I bet it could work for someone else.

We hope to pick up the pace in 2017 and post more content here as the project progresses.